20 Oct

Uzi – Crank Up The Volume (Lyric video)

Uzi - Crank Up The Volume Cover

“Crank Up The Volume” contains the type of self reflection one would expect to hear from anyone who is as addicted to turning up as Uzi. Within “Crank Up The Volume”, Uzi weaves through each verse with a rubbery flow while detailing his wild persona. Markilla Beats laces “Crank Up The Volume” with an upbeat backdrop that consists of a myriad of bouncy synths and a drum line that’s sure to get bodies moving. Look out for “Riot Control” coming soon.

14 Oct

Riot Control Cover Art x Tracklist x “Freestyle”

Riot Control cover

As “Riot Control” nears completion, Uzi drops off the cover art to the forthcoming project with a quick freestyle visual that showcases his seamless flow. The release date is still to be announced but with the project in its final stages, “Riot Control” should be hitting the net very soon. The official tracklist is below

Riot Control Tracklist:
1. Riot Control (Prod. by Markilla Beats)
2. I Think I’m Insane (Prod. by Legal Money Beatz)
3. Watchin, Waitin (Prod. by Markilla Beats)
4. Crank Up The Volume (Prod. by Markilla Beats)
5. Interlude
6. Ridin Thru My City (Prod. by Legal Money Beatz)
7. Daydreaming (Hey, Beautiful) ft. Figgie McKnight (Prod. by Legal Money Beatz & Markilla Beats)
8. I Just Came To Get Dekcuf Up (Prod. by Legal Money Beatz)
9. Zoned Out (Prod. by Markilla Beats)
10. Can’t Be Stopped (Prod. by Markilla Beats)
11. Loud & Obscene ft. Dice, Tweet, Strillz, & Khal’el (Prod. by Markilla Beats)
12. Make It Happen ft. Trufe & Khal’el (Prod. by Legal Money Beatz)
13. Fast Life ft. Trufe & Khal’el (Prod. by Markilla Beats)
14. My Focus (Prod. by Markilla Beats)

7 Oct

Uzi – I Just Came To Get Dekcuf Up (Prod. by Legal Money Beatz)

I Just Came To Get Dekcuf Up  Cover

“I Just Came To Get Dekcuf Up” stands as the third official release from Uzi’s upcoming project, “Riot Control”. Within “I Just Came To Get Dekcuf Up”, the always energetic Uzi finds solace with America’s favorite, albeit temporary, departure from sobriety – alcohol. Uzi navigates through concise verses with his signature frenetic flow detailing the gripes of a blue collar worker lifestyle. These grievances are reduced to mere afterthoughts once the liquor is poured and the party is started since nothing else matters but having a wild time. Legal Money Beatz provides another monster backdrop, this time driven by a stellar Starfox sample and a thumping 808 kick drum. The combination of a sharp violin joined by classical keys and mixed brass presence provide the perfect blend of turmoil to turn any function up a notch. This is a playlist must have for anyone’s next drunken shindig.

22 Sep

Uzi – Riot Control (The Intro) (Prod. by Markilla Beats)

riot control the intro cover

“Riot Control” finds its titular track serving as a proper introduction to its sonically rambunctious but lyrically deft soundscape. Uzi introduces himself as an atypical Floridian emcee battling to nullify any preconceived notion of what most may expect to hear from the bottom of the map. Armed with an energetic, off-kilter flow, Uzi proceeds to separate himself from his peers in his home state with the aim to bring a different light to the sunshine state. Markilla Beats handles all the production duties here and provides a cinematic platform that transforms into a booming bass line driven by the right blend of percussion and chopped samples to give an anthem like feel.

25 Aug

Uzi – I Think I’m Insane (Prod. by Legal Money Beatz)

Uzi - I Think I'm Insane

“I Think I’m Insane” is the first official release from Uzi’s upcoming project entitled “Riot Control”. “I Think I’m Insane” stands as a quintessential display of Uzi’s signature sporadic and tongue twisting flow with decimating the track as the only goal in mind. Legal Money Beatz handles all the production here and provides haunting bells mixed with menacing strings carried by a backdrop of thumping 808 drums to drive the madness to epic heights. “I Think I’m Insane” is the first of many records from “Riot Control” that mix the hard hitting, bass driven sounds of Southern trap rap with the lyrical technique of the elite Hip Hop spitters. This is sure to be a trunk rattling banger with enough wordplay to beckon repeated spins.

18 Aug

Uzi – Lost Clips #ThrowbackSessions


For everyone who enjoyed #ThrowbackSessions (and for anyone who may have missed any), you can now download them all in one place. The first record from Riot Control drops next week so stay tuned for all the new material coming your way. Much thanks for rocking with me!!


16 Aug

Uzi – “What’s My Name (Freestyle)” #ThrowbackSessions

“What’s My Name (Freestyle)” is the last installment in #ThrowbackSessions and is another song that stems from the cutting room floor of “Straight Flows Vol.1: The Blitzkrieg”. This was also recorded at Figgie’s home studio during the sessions for my first mixtape but left off because it did not fit the vibe of the project.

#ThrowbackSessions is a collection of unreleased and older songs that display my growth as an artist and emcee



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